The developing department is one of the most important in the company. Starting with the idea or drawing leading to the construction and ending with serial production, Kapp Surgical GmbH is your capable partner in all matters. Kapp offers technical and economic feasibility studies, calculation of developing costs, patent research, risk analysis and the specification for your instruments. Based on these steps you can rely on the planning Kapp is doing. When all requirements and specifications are reliable and also the design of the product has been defined, our experienced staff for CAD will create drawings. A functional model will be generated containing the main features of the new product. Due to this the costs could be reduced and the developing risks are minimized. Also it is possible to perform corrections and modifications promptly. Prototypes which are close to the final product are produced in the next step. The final step before serial production is started is a pilot production. This pilot production will give information about all necessary conditions of production and influences.